About Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission


So, what is the Poverty Truth Commission? The very brief video from the Leeds Commission sums it up beautifully. You can access it from the right hand side bar on this page.

What if people with lived experience of poverty could take the lead on challenging those with influence to work with them on tackling poverty? Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made and the way in which they are implemented? Would new solutions to poverty become evident? Would people listen and, if they did, would they better understand the many and varied challenges that poverty brings with with it?

Our experience as Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission (MBPTC) is a huge and resounding yes to these questions! And we are delighted to tell you that you can now watch at your leisure our twenty-three minute celebratory film of Round One in Morecambe and Lancaster, LEARNING FROM LIVED EXPERIENCE: MORECAMBE BAY POVERTY TRUTH COMMISSION: https://youtu.be/ZVcb0pe5o_U

You can also access the brief YouTube video of the July 2018 launch on the right hand side bar of this page and view five splendid chatshows from which our flm draws, covering the work of Round One of the commission by going to our Media Page above, or via the short cut here: https://tinyurl.com/y4aq98jc

We are also delighted that Sue Mitchell and Ally Mackenzie have now completed a research and reflection report on the whole of Round One of our commission. You can download it from our Reports Page above, or the short cut here: https://tinyurl.com/y5maaaal

It has, of course not been an easy journey, but it has outstripped most of our expectations. You can read the background story on our History Page. You can read the 2017 Richardson Institute report on Poverty in Morecambe Bay on our Reports Page. Please check out our News and Working Group Pages too. We are currently working hard to update this website ready for Round Two in Morecambe and Lancaster and in hope of encouraging initial rounds in other localities around Morecambe Bay. If you have communication skills that you are happy to volunteer to help with this please contact us!