Welcome to Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission

Nothing about us, without us, is for us.

What if people with lived experience of poverty could take the lead on challenging those with influence to work with them on tackling poverty?

Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made and the way in which they are implemented?

Would new solutions to poverty become evident?

Would people listen and, if they did, would they better understand the many and varied challenges that poverty brings with with it?

Our experience is a huge and resounding yes to these questions!

Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission is coming together to enable the stories of people with lived experience of poverty to be heard in a way that can change the understanding and challenge the stigma of poverty. 

“It makes us feel more important, like we can actually go into a room and sit with these professional people without feeling we shouldn’t be there, that we had no right to be there. We feel like we are humans and should be there just like them.”
Community Commissioner
MBPTC Round One

What is a poverty truth commission?